My Best Friend Essay For Students & Children | My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines

My Best Friend Essay

My Best Friend Essay

 Outlines Of My best Friend- 

1. Introduction. 

2. How we became friends.

3. His health. 

4. His mind. 

5. His behaviour. 

6. Conclusion.

1. Introduction- In the struggle of life a good friend is definitely a divine boon. His company doubles our strength. We are able to work with double mind. Therefore we reached our goal soonner than if we work alone. I thank God that I have a friend who is not a fair weather friend or a companion of money but one who has glorified the name of friendship. 

2. How we became friends- The name of my friend is Avinash. We were admitted to the class VI on the same day and were given the same desk to sit by. On that very day Avinash invited me to spend a sunday at his home. I accepted and went there as agreed. His mother was a kind elderly lady. She entertained me nicely. Avinash and his brother did their best to please me. I spent a happy day and in turn I invited them to my house. Thus our intimacy grew with the time and we became inseparable friends.

3. His health- I am proud of Avinash; for he is the best player and sportsman. It is his idea that health is the most desirale possession for a man. One cannot enjoy this world or do his duties properly without a good health. Therefore Avinash wants to keep the flower of his health always fresh. For this he seeks fresh Model Essays And Exercises air, takes exercise and eats light wholesome food. As a result his health is second to none.

4. His Mind - Avinash is a boy of high mental abilities. He passes most of his time in libraries and in the company of learned scholars. Pages of books are pleasures of his life. As a result he always gets a top result in the examination.

5. His love for others - Avinash has an extra-ordinary social sense too. 'Be good and do good' is the principle of life. He loves others as himself. Year before last I had an attack of typhoid. Whenever I opened my eyes. I found Avinash by my sick bed. I shall not forget the sparkle of joy, I saw in his eyes, on the day my fever left me. Moreover on the day of Maghi fair, he saved my brother from drowning at the risk of his life. Who will not sell himself to such a good friend.

6. Conclusion - Thus Avinash is first in sports, first in leaming and first in rocial service. Youths like Avinash are the real wealth of a nation. For me he is a of love, whose name is etched in my heart and is imperishable.

Hints: Companion- साथी, Glorified- गौरवपूर्ण, invited बुलाना, Entertained - मनोरंजन करना, Intimacy घनिष्ठता, Possession - उपलब्धि, Learned Scholars विद्वान, पुरुषों, Pleasure- आनन्द, सुख, Drowning डूबना, Imperishable- कभी न मिटने वाला ।

Exercise 1. Write a short essay on your Principal.

Hints: Outlines: 1. His name, age and personality. 2. His dress and habits. 3. His behaviour with teachers, students and servants, 4. His work and duties, his method of teaching. 5. His interest in other activities. 6. His love for the institution.

Aids- His personality is grand. He is very punctual. He considers teachers like his younger brothers. For students he is father like. He does not like to give physical punishment to any student, but he is very strict about discipline. His method of teaching is interesting. He encourages students to take part in games and debates. He is a good administrator. He works hard for the progress of the institution. He is respected by everybody in the city.

My Best Friend Essay 10 Lines

  1. My best friend’s name is Shivam.
  2. We are in the same class at Modern High Public School.
  3. Shivam is a very kind and humble person.
  4. We play badminton together every evening.
  5. We share everything with each other.
  6. Shivam is known as the most handsome boy in our school.
  7. She never raises her voice, she always speaks gently.
  8. I cherish my friendship with Shivam.
  9. His parents know me and treat me like their own.
  10. Shivam is a special friend to me.


How do I write an essay on my best friend?
Answer: Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on My Best Friend for Class 3 You should mention the name of your best friend.Remember to write about the good qualities of your best friend.Reasons as to why you love your best friend.Share the games or activities you do with your best friend.

What can I write about my bestie?


  • Give a Sweet Compliment
  • You're one of the kindest people I've ever been lucky enough to know.
  • You're a great listener.
  • You'd do anything for the people you care about.
  • Your strength inspires me.
  • You have the best laugh.
  • You'll always be one of my very favorite people.

How to describe your best friend in a paragraph 150 words?
My Best Friend Paragraph 150 Words – Sample 2

Answer: We also travel by the school bus together because we stay close to each other. Her home is only a ten minute walk from my place. My friend is kindly and sweet-natured. We are always happy to be with each other.

How can I be a good friend of 10 lines?
Answer:  10 Lines On A Good Friend For Kids

  • A good friend is readily available to help you in difficult times.
  • You feel at home with your good friend. ...
  • A good friend will never talk bad about you behind your back.
  • Your friend will never let you feel inferior or sad.

What are 2 lines on best friend?
Answer: Our world would become boring if we didn't have anybody to talk to or share our life, laughter and grief with. A friend is one person who is our biggest support system. Our best friend is the person whom we call up at any time, and he/she knows how to help and support us if there is a problem.

What is a true bestie?
Answer: True friends are usually those who offer you support, improve your quality of life, promote self-confidence, provide honesty and unconditional love, and help you progress mentally. It often takes time and effort to foster deep, healthy friendships.

Can I describe my best friend?
Answer:  A best friend who's the forever type is someone who is caring. They love you like family, and the feeling is mutual. All you want is for your bestie to be happy, and you'll do anything to make that happen — including ordering takeout and watching their fave rom-com with them when they're having a rough day.

What is a female bestie?
 Answer: A girl bestie is the one who wipes your tears, gives their shoulder to cry on, listens to your all problems, and finds ways to cheer you up. She will always be there in your life when you break up with loved ones, losses in business, or separation from your parents.

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